Illegal Alien Charged With Statutory Rape In North Carolina

Illegal Alien Charged With Statutory Rape In North Carolina

ORANGE COUNTY, NC (WCHL) – A Carrboro man has been arrested on statutory rape charges.

Authorities said in a release that 30-year-old Carlos Alberto Morales Lopez was arrested in Carrboro by members of the US Marshals Service Taskforce on Friday morning.

Morales Lopez has been charged with one count of statutory rape, according to law enforcement.

There had been social media rumors on Friday morning that federal ICE immigration officials were carrying out raids in Carrboro. But authorities said that “it seems likely” that the activity surrounding the arrest taking place “caused members of the community to be concerned” that ICE agents were taking part in the arrest.

“The police department has no information that there was any broader enforcement activity taken beyond the arrest of Morales Lopez.”

ICE raids carried out across the Triangle in recent weeks has caused increased tension in the community.

Morales Lopez is being held in the Orange County Jail under a $500,000 bond.

*Now, let’s see…Why would ICE raids cause “increased tension in the community?” Could it be due to the fact that North Carolina is now inundated with illegal aliens and has through ‘sanctuary polices,’ been turned into a ‘vitual border state?’

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