Illegal Alien Charged With California Wildfire That Killed 40 People

Illegal Alien Charged With California Wildfire That Killed 40 People

SONOMA COUNTY, CA (Breitbart) – The U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) issued a detainer request on the Sonoma County Jail for Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, who was arrested Sunday on suspicion of arson in Wine Country fires that have killed at least 40 residents.

Breitbart News reported earlier this week that Sonoma County Sheriffs had arrested Jesus Fabian Gonzalez, 29, at Maxwell Regional Park in Sonoma County after a series of reports of ongoing fires in the region. Mr. Gonzalez was observed around 3:00 p.m. PDT wearing a jacket and walking “out of the creek area and a plume of smoke behind him,” according to the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Mr. Gonzalez, who is homeless and reportedly known by law enforcement to have been living under a nearby bridge, claimed he was cold and had lit the fire to stay warm. But it was a balmy 78 degrees when he and the plume of smoke were first observed.

Mr. Gonzalez was booked into the Sonoma County Jail for suspicion of felony arson. His bail was set at a steep $110,000, according to the Sonoma County Sheriff Public Information Officer.

Sargent Spencer Crum told Breitbart that Mr. Gonzalez is also on a U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) detainer request, despite Sonoma County declaring itself as a “sanctuary county” in May 2014. The county only cooperates with “ICE holds” if the prisoner has been convicted of a felony or any misdemeanor offence that falls within the Trust Act within the last five years. Mr. Gonzalez’s immigration status has not yet been announced.

13 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Charged With California Wildfire That Killed 40 People”

  1. For having created an environment of protection for illegal invaders, and this Gonzalez character in particular, Jerry Brown should be held equally culpable for his role in the fires and the deaths and damage they’ve wrought.

  2. Yeah, right. He killed 40 people and his bail is a “steep” $110,000? I don’t think so. This is fake news and you should be ashamed for spreading it. If they had arrested anyone for these fires, his bail would be at least a million and it would be ALL OVER THE NEWS, not just on this site.

  3. Restitution ??? Sure at ten thousand a month it would only take a little over few hundred years to pay back .. now that’s if he ever gets out .. they say somehow ..some how ??? do people think or do the math before they Tex, a suggestion that is an impossibility ..

  4. Gov, Jerry Brown should pay his personal paycheck or pension to pay Mr. Gonzalez’s restitution because Jerry allow illegal immigrants to stay in California that mess up like Mexican inmate escaped from California firefighters from a prison!!! Saddest about Northern California residents lose their houses more than 1 billion dollars damage….pray for them well!!!

  5. “Mr. Gonzalez, … reportedly known by law enforcement”

    All those who protect ilegal imigrants who committed crimes should share the cell with this criminal.
    They are just as guilty, if not more.
    He is guilty of one crime, they are co-conspirators of nany other past and future crimes.

  6. Say What??? It was in the national news. Even my small town I Texas reported it. Sorry you missed it.
    Debra Speaks,. It was on the national news, you can look it up if you like. This site verifies articles before they print them so get off your high horse.
    That said, I believe there was more than this one person involved as there were several fires in the area at about the same time. Either PGE broken lines or pot growers trying to stay warm or something.

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