Illegal Alien Caught Selling Cocaine In North Carolina

Illegal Alien Caught Selling Cocaine In North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC (The News & Observer) – Police set up four purchases of cocaine from a Franklin County man before arresting him Thursday when he brought more of the drug to do a deal Thursday, according to charges listed in arrest papers.

Roel Fernando Gutierrez-Villanueva, 30, of Bunn was charged with four counts of cocaine trafficking Thursday. Police said he had and transported the drug and sold it and delivered between 28 and 400 grams (about 0.35 and 14.1 ounces) of it to a buyer who was working with police.

Police charged Gutierrez-Villanueva with the same four offenses for what they said was a Sept. 14 sale to the buyer. He was accused both times of using a 2001 Ford pickup truck to keep and sell drugs on both occasions.

In building their case, narcotics investigators said in other charges, that the buyer got 4.5 grams of cocaine from Gutierrez-Villanueva Aug. 22, 3.9 grams on Aug. 26 and 15 grams on Sept. 7.

He also was accused of using a 2016 Honda to bring cocaine to one of those deals.

A magistrate set Gutierrez-Villanueva’s bail at $1.75 million Thursday.

Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers said they think Gutierrez-Villanueva should be deported and asked Wake County and state officials to hold him for 48 hours so they could take him into custody anytime he is going to be released.

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