Illegal Alien Busted With $7 Million Worth Of Heroin In North Carolina

Illegal Alien Busted With $7 Million Worth Of Heroin In North Carolina

MOUNT OLIVE, NC (WRAL) – Wayne County authorities on Monday arrested a man and seized roughly 10 pounds of heroin from him worth about $7 million.

The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office said authorities found the drugs after executing a search warrant at 4592 Emmaus Church Road in Mount Olive. Once broken down and packaged, the “pure heroin” would have produced 250,000 individual dosage units.

“This is one of the largest heroin seizures in Wayne County history,” Sheriff Larry Pierce said in a statement.

Officers arrested Gabriel Mancilla-Ribera, 46, of Albertson, and charged him with one count of trafficking heroin. He was jailed under a $1.5 million bond.

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  2. This is typical of illegal aliens all over the country. They traffic drugs all over our country and lounge back in asinine “sanctuary states” while in between drug runs. States such as California and Illinois should have any and all federal funds cut off immediately due to their vow to ignore federal laws regarding illegal immigrants and the crimes that they commit.

  3. Any government official advocating sanctuary cities and open borders is a traitor and should be arrested for treason

    They are globalist puppets whose job is to destroy the sovereignty of their country by making their own people a minority in their own country.

    A nation with no borders is not a nation.

    It’s a territory unable to defend it self, ripe for conquest by the globalists.

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