Illegal Alien Built Construction Business ‘Empire’ Employing 200 Illegal Aliens

Illegal Alien Built Construction Business ‘Empire’ Employing 200 Illegal Aliens

ROSSVILLE, GA (WTVC) – ICE has provided NewsChannel 9 with the search warrant for the Northwest Georgia locations. Southern Region Communications Director Bryan D. Cox says in all agents served search warrants in six locations across north Georgia and eastern Tennessee.

Federal records say the owner of the Rosseville business, along with his homes and other businesses are under investigation because he is suspected of employing nearly 200 illegal aliens, and profiting off of their low pay.

According to the documents, Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials filed a request on April 24 for a search warrant of Aztec Framing on LaFayette Road.

The documents claim Aztec’s owner, Juan Antonio Perez, and his wife Eva Torres are natives & citizens of Mexico, and have been in the country illegally for many years, and have built a successful construction business with three locations – Rosseville, Cartersville, and in Hixson.

The documents say that investigators found that one reason for Aztec’s business profitability “is that Perez and his subcontractors employ illegal aliens for whom no payroll taxes are withheld and who receive no insurance or other benefits.”

Officials said Perez’s home, business offices and other properties contained evidence of violating federal laws “including alien harboring for commercial advantage and private financial gain.”

The documents also say that Perez built a ‘compound-like’ home for his family in a remote location in rural Rydal in Bartow County so it could only be seen by helicopter. In the documents, officials describe the house as surrounded by high walls, and workers with access to the grounds told them armed guards patrol inside the wall.

The documents say Perez also has a home in Kingston, Georgia that he reportedly calls his ‘fun house’ or ‘toy house’, where he stores vehicles and other expensive ‘toys’ and spends time with women other than his wife.

Bobby Simmons works right next to the Aztec Framing location on LaFayette Road. He says Perez always seemed like a nice guy, but he always wondered about those classic cars.

Court documents may provide a clue. They say Perez “used his wealth to indulge his taste for expensive vehicles, ranging from expensive, limited-edition Ford Raptor pickup trucks to classic muscle cars to contemporary sports cars, including Porsches and a Nissan GTR.” Officials go on to say “Perez owns dozens of such vehicles, all of which are registered in other peoples’ names.”

“He told us before he had employees scattered all over the United States, so we figured it was legit. They seemed like very nice people,” says Simmons.

Perez’s other properties are under investigation for harboring illegal immigrants for commercial advantage and private financial gain.

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