Human Smugglers Abandon 2-Year-Old Girl In The Desert

Human Smugglers Abandon 2-Year-Old Girl In The Desert

MCALLEN, TX (KRGV) – Rio Grande Valley Sector Border Patrol agents rescued a toddler that was left behind by smugglers Monday evening.

The 2-year-old girl was taken into custody, along with a group of 14 people in the country illegally in Granjeno, near Rincon Village.

The people told the agents they didn’t know who the child belonged to. They first encountered the little girl when they were led to a raft, where the child was sitting alone.

Once on the U.S. side, the smuggler handed the child to one of the adults and returned to Mexico. The group was then apprehended by Border Patrol.

At the station, an agent was able to locate a birth certificate in the child’s belongings, along with a piece of paper with a name and phone number. The same information was written on the child’s shirt.

The birth certificate identified the little girl as El Salvadoran. The child appeared to be healthy and unharmed; she was placed in foster care.

Contact was made with the child’s mother, who stated that a friend was supposed to reunite the child with her.

2 thoughts on “Human Smugglers Abandon 2-Year-Old Girl In The Desert”

  1. Why in the heck isn’t this mother charged with child endanger? They know the ropes and this needs to stop!

    We need a change! We need a Trump change!

  2. Because obamanation’s pro-illegal stance has virtually tied the hands of law enforcement along the border. He has, thru executive orders, pretty much turned our border patrol into a catch and release organization.

    This guy wants more sanctuary cities established to provide a kinder gentler policy toward illegal immigrants in general. He is literally the worst president we’ve ever had. Pro muslim, pro illegal alien, pro santuary city, anti first amendment, anti second amendment.

    If faced with a problem that concerns us citizens, he purposefully does precisely the opposite of what any other president would do. He continuously makes moves and enacts policies that undermine our laws and the safety and security of us citizens.

    His final day in office cannot come fast enough as far as I’m concerned. Trump has stated that one of the first things he plans to do once he takes over is to nullify most, if not all, of obamanation’s executive orders he’s used over the years to circumvent Congress and put his own agenda into effect.

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