DREAMERS Caught Crossing Border With 120 Pounds Of Marijuana

DREAMERS Caught Crossing Border With 120 Pounds Of Marijuana

HIDALGO COUNTY, TX (CBS 4 News) – Border Patrol agents detained five people and seized about 120 pounds of marijuana last week near Mission

Agents detained 17-year-old Jose Fidal Camacho, 17-year-old Agustin Reyes Villes and 29-year-old Miguel Angel Torres Rincon near the intersection of Military Road and Goodwin Road on Friday, according to the criminal complaints against them. Agents also detained two minors.

Border Patrol found six bundles of marijuana nearby. The bundles weighed about 120 pounds.

Agents contacted the Texas Department of Public Safety, which is handling the criminal case.

Camacho, Villes and Torres were charged with possession of marijuana, a second-degree felony.

Court records don’t list attorneys for Camacho, Villes and Torres, who remain at the Hidalgo County jail and couldn’t be reached for comment.

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  1. Oh no, this can’t be true. Dreamers are good, honest, hardworking, people that want to be Americans . . . sorry I had my sarcasm on. This is why President Trump has so much support for his wall, his policy’s like trade and illegal aliens, and has tapped into the anger of so many Americans. “We The People” are fed up with illegal aliens committing crimes, sponging off America’s tax moneys and thumbing their noses at us. THROW THEM ALL OUT!!!

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