‘DREAMER’ Stomped 83-Year-Old Man To Death In Texas

‘DREAMER’ Stomped 83-Year-Old Man To Death In Texas

LACOMBE, LA (Fox 8 News) – U.S. Marshals tracked a violent criminal accused of stomping an 83-year-old man to death to Lacombe and arrested him after a standoff.

WGNO reported that 23-year-old Silvano Echavarria is awaiting extradition for the brutal murder of the elderly grandfather in Pasadena, Texas.

Echavarria stomped on the victim’s head 74 times and punched him 25 times before leaving his lifeless body in a parking lot, according to the U.S. Marshals.

Authorities said Echavarria fled to Lacombe after Texas authorities began to move in.

When the Marshals approached the Lacombe residence where Echavarria was staying, Echavarria refused to come out before peacefully surrendering a short time later.

“This arrest was a direct result of interagency cooperation,” U.S. Marshal Scott Illing said. “This suspect mistakenly thought he could escape justice by crossing state lines. The community can rest easy knowing our team is not discouraged by geographical boundaries and are ready to pursue fleeing felons wherever they hide.”

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  1. He should be put to death in accordance with his crime! Since there is no doubt of him being guilty, especially in the face of a confession, then why tie up the courts for 20 years? The scum should be hanged, in public, on the very next Monday!
    That’s justice!

  2. The Large, Illegal Hisplamic Population carries a Deep Grudge against All Americans. The violence, always committed against a vulnerable person, 1 Elderly, 1 Woman, 1 Child, etc.must be stopped, & the authorities must get some guts.
    Illegals did not slide into America to become “Legal American Citizens”, they came to Take Advantage of our Laws & our System, then run back to the Country of their choice,or to a “Sanctuary”City, where the Law does Not Follow em. Time to BUILD THE WALL & START KICKING THEIR BOTTOMS OUT OF AMERICA.

  3. Shirley Ann, The wall won’t keep Europeans and people from the Far East out…..

    He needs to be deported and let’s spend our time and resources draining the swap of those already here, no matter how they got here whether they came in as a tourist, a work visa or whatever, once those visas have expired, they should have returned. These people might be worse, the paper trail they created is worse than those who come in under the radar, at the end of the day!! Think about it!!!

  4. ANd make that wall 50 ft under the surface. There thousands of tunnels bring illegals here every day. You don’t hear a lot about what is taking place under the Rio Grande. And this ass. We are deporting him??? He should be thrown back over our new wall with a noose around his neck just three feet short of the ground on the other side.

  5. Let us stomp his ugly face to death, the hell with the courts. What goes around should come around in equal measures if not more.

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