‘DREAMER’ Sexually Assaulted Girl, Threatened To Kill Her Father

‘DREAMER’ Sexually Assaulted Girl, Threatened To Kill Her Father

SAN ANTONIO, TX (WOAI) – A 20-year-old man is accused of taking sexual advantage of a teenage runaway – and then stalking her and threatening her father’s life.

Noah Condido Guana, 20, was charged with the sexual assault of a child.

The victim said she had originally met Guana at church a few months before she ran away.

After running away, the victim was discovered by Guana’s mother at his home back in February, and returned her home. The victim told her father she had sex with Guana several times after running away, according to court documents.

According to police records, the victim told a detective that Guana had picked her up when she ran away and took her back to his home where they smoked marijuana and had sex.

The victim’s father was able to get a friend to contact Guana’s mother – and let her know the girl was a juvenile. Guana’s mother said he had lied to her about the victim’s age, so she returned the victim home.

After the victim returned home, Guana began stalking her. He showed up at her home numerous times, trying to convince her to leave with him. According to records, Guana repeatedly contacted the victim through social media – as well as through phone and text. The contact was so frequent, the victim’s father was forced to block him. But Guana would not give up. He then began using numerous phone numbers and accounts to contact the victim.

Guana then told the victim that he could have her father killed if he wanted to, according to police records.

That was the final straw for police. That was when they issued a warrant for Guana’s arrest.

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