Bangladesh National Tried To Behead His Landlord

Bangladesh National Tried To Behead His Landlord

NEW YORK CITY, NY (The New York Post) – A Brooklyn man convicted of nearly decapitating his landlord with a samurai sword was sentenced to 25 years behind bars Thursday.

Rasel Siddiquee declined to speak before he was sentenced — but family members of victim Mahuddin Mahmud wailed in the hallways afterward.

“I’ll never get him back,” one woman sobbed as she exited Judge Neil Firetog’s Brooklyn Supreme Court courtroom. “What was the reason to kill him?”

Sidiquee admitted to turning the blade on Mahmud in the Kensington basement he was leasing from the man on Jan. 6, 2014.

The killer, angered over a pedicab license, slit Mahmud’s throat and kept hacking at it, prosecutors said.

Sidiquee, 31, was arrested two days later on Jan. 8, 2014, as he attempted to flee to Bangladesh via JFK Airport.

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