Attempted Mass Poisoning: Illegal Alien Poured Drain Cleaner Into Food At Florida Restaurant

Attempted Mass Poisoning: Illegal Alien Poured Drain Cleaner Into Food At Florida Restaurant

LAKELAND, FL (The Miami Herald) – Pleading guilty to putting lye in sauce led to a seven-year prison sentence for a Florida restaurant worker — and possibly more punitive action at the federal level.

Margarito Padilla began serving his sentence Monday, according to Florida Department of Corrections records.

On Tuesday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Tampa office filed a detainer on the 54-year-old Guadalajara, Mexico, native, meaning ICE wants to know when Padilla finishes doing his time.

Padilla’s employment at a Hibachi Express in Lakeland ended last June, after franchise owner Zhong Jiang thought the Yum-Yum sauce refrigerated in a 55-gallon barrel didn’t look so yummy. He took a taste off a single-dipped finger.

“The victim’s mouth immediately began burning and he described the pain as a cutting of his tongue and mouth,”
the arrest report read.

After asking the employees about the sauce and getting no explanation, Jiang announced he was calling police. Padilla asked Jiang to refrain from calling the cops, heightening Jiang’s suspicion, according to the report.

Via surveillance video review, Jiang saw Padilla kneeling next to where the restaurant kept the Plumbers Choice Lye industrial strength drain cleaner. He noticed a flat pocket when Padilla first kneeled and a bulging pocket when he rose. The pocket deflated to flat after Padilla swung by a sink briefly holding a container of Yum-Yum sauce.

When first interviewed by Lakeland police, Padilla denied anything before cops played the video. He then admitted he had contaminated the sauce because he was angry at Jiang over working conditions.

He said he used only a small amount despite being able to read the warning on the lye bottle, “DANGER POISON HARMFUL OR FATAL IF SWALLOWED CAUSES SEVERE BURNS.”

On the arrest report, though a Lakeland address is listed for Padilla, Lakeland police wrote, “The defendant is considered transient and has a documented history of providing false names/info to law enforcement.”

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  1. Hmmm. Until I saw this ILLEGAL ALIEN’s age, I thought he was a “dreamer.” So, WHY did he have a job in a restaurant in Florida? Why was he hired in the first place? Illegal Aliens have no business working in the USA, at all!

  2. Florida is and has always been haven for Illegal Aliens and their offspring!!!! Almost every business in Florida has an Illegal Alien working in it, I work in the construction field and it’s so wide spread, and the businesses don’t care because they are getting cheap labor. If all if the Home Buyers knew that their New homes were built by uneducated Illegal Aliens, they’d probably Shiite themselves!!!!

    • Write to the White House about this. It’s just not right. I keep saying this same thing and nothing is ever done about it. You can even call the White House now, since Trump has become President, he has a line open all the time. Even for a message. You can email them – twitter them, but something is better than nothing. Of course, I’ve done all these myself. I see so many illegal in construction trucks, landscaping trucks, etc. These aren’t jobs Americans Won’t do…. !!!!!!! Says Nancy Pelosi, the Dreamer lover. Everyone reading this please call/write the White House, or call Congress at 202-224-3121. Call your Congressperson’s office direct or leave voicemail, or just tell the operator. If these people aren’t given jobs perhaps they’ll go to H*LL home.

  3. Round them all up, put on cargo ship and return to Central America, they can hike from there back to home nation, since they are illegal our nation needs to think about a chip to insert when an illegal is caught, if they follow through with a legal entry into our nation provided they are not criminals then that chip can be removed. Until then its a thought to protect our sovereignty, nation and our citizens.

  4. I’ll bet if the illegal lovers had to eat at restaurants they work at or live amongst them they wouldn’t be so in love with them!! SEND THEM BACK to their OWN COUNTRY!!! They have NO business here!!!

  5. Many Illegals are very spiteful and now want to hurt the local citizens. Instead hurting our people, they should rather apply for citizenship and learn English and abide by our laws. OBAMA and KILLARY allowed this mess. Perhaps they want to work chained in the fields with no access to poisons and guards constantly watching them. They don’t want to respect our people nor our country nor our laws. Also, under no circumstances should they handle food nor work in food places. Keep them away from the poisons. American people also still have a hard live and deal with it. Only recently and with Trumps tax plan, Americans can just now allow only a little more, which is almost equalized that now they need to spend this money on constantly increasing food prices and services. It does not include money for a desperately needed ‘used car transmission; or a saver home, or get protection and help sooner after fire, hurricane, or flood. Our own People have to wait forever til help gets approved. No money for special classes for our own kids to help them to improve. (I don’t want to mention what Oprah Winfrey said because I don’t want to upset the elderly.) If you like to know more of this, I can supply you with more info………………………………………: GOOD NEWS HOWEVER, NOW OUR DR BEN CARSON HAS GREAT IDEAS FOR HIS ‘PROGRAM FOR OUR KIDS – GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT’ JUST WAIT AND SEE. KUDOS TO DR. BEN. AMEN. BLESSINGS TO OUR DR. BEN CARSON.

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