African ‘Refugee’ Raped 16-Year-Old Girl in Maine

African ‘Refugee’ Raped 16-Year-Old Girl in Maine

WESTBROOK, ME (The Portland Press-Herald) – Westbrook police say they have arrested three males in connection with a sexual assault on a teenage girl Sunday morning in a room at the Super 8 Motel.

Capt. Steven Goldberg said an investigation by detectives began after police received a report about 8 a.m. of suspicious activity at the motel, at 208 Larrabee Road.

Detectives determined that the 16-year-old girl had been sexually assaulted in a motel room by three males.

Two of the suspects are juveniles, ages 15 and 16. The third was identified by police as Garang Majok, 19, of Lewiston. All three have been charged with gross sexual assault, a Class A felony.

The juveniles were taken to the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland. Majok made his initial court appearance on Monday. He was being held Monday night in the Cumberland County Jail, where bail was set at $25,000 cash, according to a jail intake worker.

Westbrook police made the media aware on Sunday that they were investigating a suspicious incident at the motel, but provided no details.

In a press release issued Monday, Goldberg said he had been unable to release any details about the incident earlier because of the ongoing investigation. He said the premature release of information could have jeopardized the department’s investigation.


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  1. 1 out.of 4 black men in South Africa admits to raping a woman in his lifetime.
    How many more rapes won’t they admit to?
    Is this what we want to import?

  2. These animals from the African nations and the Middle East are downright gross and disgusting. Importing these animals to any civilized society is like inviting rats to a bakery and allowing them loose in the hopes they don’t ruin the pastries.

  3. How did that creep get inside the United States of America, and WHY??? (Why isn’t there more details about that guy? Where’s he from? How long’s he been in U.S.?)

    Stop importing these subhumans!

  4. Bob,
    How dare you ask that question? It is obvious that the founding fathers, and even Abe Lincoln, conquered the land entirely for the purpose of future 3rd world migrants and economic refugees.

  5. And brain-dead liberal Dems and their Media believe these people have the RIGHT to be here and that America NEEDS more of these kinds of people. Dems and media people should take into their homes as many of these “refugees” as they can. THEN this non-sense will STOP!

  6. The truth is, these savages don’t have the right to be here and America DOES NOT need more of them. The brain-dead liberal Dems and their equally brain-dead Media are just that: BRAIN-DEAD. Why don’t they take these savages into their homes, eh? They should take into their homes as many as they can. Only then this nonsense will stop.
    Donald Trump is right to ban these savages from entering. He has America’s interests at heart. Certainly, Obummer and his fellow Bolshevik liberals never did and still don’t.

  7. Just keep allowing these rapist, murding, brain dead thugs in without vetting them. You idiots. Our Government is slowly losing control and we pay our politicians unbelievably amounts of $ to supposedly represent us. Get real these politicians are in it for the benefits and the $ they don’t give a damn about your welfare

  8. Now we know why the people where he was from wanted to kill him.
    Why he’s a so-called refugee..
    We should send him back there.

  9. And the top country for rape per capita is……Sweden . That after foolishly opening their borders up to African immigrants. These males are shot full of testosterone . Combine that with an underdeveloped morals section of an already small brain and you get rape

  10. Our wise gov’t officials want us to enjoy the benefits of diversity. These refugees enrich our culture by raping our women selling drugs to our children and murdering anyone who gets in their way. All they ask in return is for us to pay to feed clothe house and provide world class medical care. Clearly we r getting the better of the deal! Thank u Washington!

  11. Portland Maine is a sanctuary city. Maine loves immigrants because they get housing, EBT and all sorts of benefits which get spent in Maine which helps Maine’s economy. Plus the liberal douches feel good seeing “blacks” north of Masshole. The Governor plays dumb and says hes gonna get them but knows they shop at his discount salvage warehouse Department store “Marden’s.”

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