African ‘Refugee’ Lyft Driver Raped ‘Physically Helpless’ Woman In West Virginia

African ‘Refugee’ Lyft Driver Raped ‘Physically Helpless’ Woman In West Virginia

MONONGALIA COUNTY, WV (WDTV) – Authorities have arrested a Lyft driver on charges of sexual assault.

According to a press release from the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Office, 37-year-old Ademola Ajibade was hired by a 24-year-old woman in the Morgantown area on September 16, 2017. While the suspect was driving the victim home, he allegedly stopped at a location in Monongalia County and sexually assaulted the victim while she was physically helpless.

Ajibade is charged with 2nd-degree sexual assault. His bond was set at $75,000. As of Thursday morning, the suspect had not yet posted bond, and remained in the North Central Regional Jail.

The Morgantown Police Department and The Monongalia County Sheriffs Department handled the investigation.

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  1. Terry, that doesn’t work. Rape is about control and it has been proven that they will continue to rape with foreign objects. Many times causing severe internal injuries to the victims.

  2. Our country has a real problem this is happening every where and main stream media is not saying anything about it why

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