African ‘Refugee’ Left 9-Year-Old Twins Alone In Apartment For Months

African ‘Refugee’ Left 9-Year-Old Twins Alone In Apartment For Months

New York Daily News by Jason Silverstein

A New Hampshire man agreed to take care of his 9-year-old twin nephews while their parents were away in Africa — and then he went away himself,leaving the kids home alone for almost five months,according to authorities.

Giobari Atura, of Manchester, is being charged with endangering the welfare of a child, NBC reports.

The brothers’ parents left for Nigeria in July and expected to be gone for a month, but got held up by illnesses and passport issues.

During that time, Atura allegedly left the boys by themselves in a home with no edible food except for Ramen noodles. He stopped by every few days to check on them and drop off food, and said they should call if they needed anything, even though their apartment didn’t have a working phone.

The boys managed to get themselves to school for several months until school officials told social services the kids were fending for themselves. The brothers told a social worker they would get their meals at school.

The boys were placed in foster care until their parents returned in November, NBC reports.

The parents kept in touch with Atura while away and he led them to believe he was watching their sons.

Neighbors in the family’s apartment building were shocked to learn about the alleged abandonment— but also impressed by the boys’ self-sufficiency.

“When I was 9 years old, I couldn’t keep quiet for the life of me,” neighbor Keneth Lemite told the New Hampshire Union Leader. “I’m guessing they’re two pretty smart kids, pretty mature kids.”

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