African ‘Migrant’ Starts Melee On Bus, Bites Police Officer

African ‘Migrant’ Starts Melee On Bus, Bites Police Officer

BOISE, ID (KTVB) – A Boise man is facing charges after police say he caused a commotion on a ValleyRide bus Tuesday night.

The incident happened near Front and 10th streets in downtown Boise shortly before 7 p.m.

According to the bus driver, 21-year-old Nzansabandi Niyomugabo was riding as a passenger on the bus when he became belligerent and began harassing other passengers. At one point, police say, Niyomugabo punched the drivers side window of the bus, breaking it.

The bus driver was able to put up a flashing message on the bus’ front marquee asking passersby to call police. Dispatch received multiple calls from other drivers, alerting them to the message.

The bus ultimately pulled over on Front Street. Officers arrived to find Niyomugabo standing in traffic in front of the bus.

Officers attempted to calm the suspect down, but he continued to be uncooperative and refused police commands. As Niyomugabo was taken into custody, he bit one of the officers on the finger, police say.

Niyomugabo was arrested and booked into the Ada County Jail on a felony charge of battery on an officer and misdemeanor charges of malicious injury to property, resisting and obstructing and disturbing the peace.

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  1. This country needs to learn of the African behavioral patterns before allowing them into this country! I’ve lived in different parts of Africa and AFRICANS DONT BEHAVE LIKE AMERICANS! That’s unless they were raised in the United States or have been here for a significant amount of time! In Nigeria they kill people by setting them on fire if they are gay!

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