African Child Rapist Attacks ICE Officers While Being Deported

African Child Rapist Attacks ICE Officers While Being Deported

DULLES, VA (The New York Post) – A convicted rapist from Africa threw a fit as he was being deported from the US — telling federal agents that he “would rather die than go back to Togo” — during a violent confrontation at Dulles International Airport, a report says.

“I am not going back to Togo,” seethed Koffi Ameyapoh, 51, of Maryland.

“You will be shipping a dead body back to Togo,” he told the agents, according to court filings obtained by NBC Washington on Monday.

“I am going to make a commotion at the terminal, so the marshals can shoot me because I would rather die than go back to Togo.”

Ameyapoh, who was convicted in 2006 of rape and sexually abusing a child, had been scheduled to take a flight to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — en route to the African nation of Togo — as part of his removal from the country, NBC reports.

He was being escorted through the top floor of an airport garage when the incident occurred last month.

Wearing full restraints, Ameyapoh reportedly ran toward the railings and began tussling with the agents. He is accused of injuring at least two of the officers, causing bruising and arm abrasions.

As a result, the Maryland sex offender was charged with a federal count of “hampering departure from the United States.”

Ameyapoh’s deportation has been temporarily called off and he was ordered detained until further proceedings for the newly filed case.

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  1. Given his fear and hatred of Togo, sounds like that’s exactly where he needs to spend the rest of his miserable life.

    Next time, as Hank above suggests, make sure the SOB is heavily drugged before sending him off.

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