Abuse of Power: Obama Used ICE Agents To Harass Reporters During His Administration

Abuse of Power: Obama Used ICE Agents To Harass Reporters During His Administration

September 25, 2018
by Dave Gibson

No longer allowed to conduct work site enforcement raids, nor enforce immigration laws within the interior of this country, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents were apparently ordered by the Obama administration to investigate/intimidate the handful of reporters who dared to keep the public informed as to the threat posed to this nation by criminal aliens…Namely, this columnist.

On June 4, 2014, I, your humble reporter, received an email from ICE Agent Fred out of a North Carolina office (The agent asked that his full name not be used out of concern for his personal safety, and being a patriot, I am complying with that request.), who was asking what proof I had that certain individuals named as child sex-crime suspects were illegal aliens.

In addition to asking some questions about specific individuals, Agent Fred also offered a rather tired lesson in political correctness, by offering the following bit of wisdom: “Having a Hispanic last name does not necessarily make him an illegal alien.”

Agent Fred also wanted to know how I had obtained “information on the individuals listed from Durham, Johnston, Sampson, Beaufort, Franklin and Vance counties.”

Our correspondence continued for several days, and at one point I asked just who it was who had ordered him to contact/harass me. Not surprisingly, he refused to answer, I then queried: “I am curious, is this the first time you were asked to go through an article to check on criminal status? It seems rather an odd task for an ICE agent.”

Agent Fred simply replied: “Mr. Gibson, it is very unusual.”

Though Agent Fred assured me that I was not “under any surveillance,” the article which prompted his initial contact was published around 6:00 a.m. EST, and his email was received at 10:30 a.m., only a little more than four hours after it was offered to a sleepy public.

While I would like to think that my articles are so popular that they often have the ability to capture the nation’s attention before noon, it is more than absurd to believe that I, the only reporter in the country who has written thousands of articles on the crimes committed by illegal aliens was not being monitored by the illegal alien-friendly, Obama administration.

Of course, that was not the first time the Obama administration attempted to infringe upon the Freedom of the Press…

-On June 27, 2014, the Department of Defense threatened reporter Kit Daniels of Infowars with arrest, for what they called “unauthorized photography and broadcast,” after Daniels photographed and reported on the thousands of illegal aliens, then being housed at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas.

-In May 2013, it was discovered that the Department of Justice (DOJ) had been monitoring the phone calls of Fox News reporter James Rosen, and even those of his parents. Apparently, Rosen was also being followed by FBI agents, and his emails were searched through. Of course, Rosen was never charged with anything.

-In May 2012, the DOJ secretly began wiretapping more than 20 telephone lines at the Associated Press, listening in on the phone calls of reporters and editors. In 2013, the AP filed a complaint over the action with then-Attorney General Eric Holder.

Though such actions taken against the press may be shocking for most Americans, these tactics are very common throughout Third World dictatorships, just as they were in the ex-Soviet Union and Nazi Germany. You see, when the policies of a totalitarian (often fraudulently elected) leader become nothing more than a sea of failures, causing harm to the people, that leader then becomes paranoid and attempts to silence the truth, in an effort to quell dissent.

This reporter is calling for a full investigation into Obama’s misuse of federal law enforcement to intimidate journalists, and his administration’s heavily one-sided violations of our Constitution, by turning federal agents into his person goon squad.

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