83-Year-Old Woman Beaten To Death By Gang of Anchor Babies

83-Year-Old Woman Beaten To Death By Gang of Anchor Babies

WFAA News 8

IRVING, TX – Police could upgrade charges for two brothers accused of beating an 83-year-old woman after she was taken off life support over the weekend.

Late Monday afternoon, investigators dropped charges against a third brother.

Police continued their investigation Monday. They planned to interview each suspect again before making a decision on whether to file new charges.

On the Irving street where she lived for 47 years, Dessie Hancock was known as everyone’s grandmother.

“She loved children. She just loved children,” David Hancock said.

David Hancock said kids flocked to her home because of the hugs, kisses and the Popsicles. Throughout her life, Dessie Hancock was a foster mother, often taking in children with disabilities.

Just been a thing with her basically my whole life,” Hancock said. “There’s always been kids around.”

But police initially said three brothers viciously attacked the elderly woman on a sidewalk just across the street from her house around 4 o’clock on Friday afternoon. A neighbor told News 8 she was likely visiting another neighbor when Thomas Perkins, 18, and Jesse Perkins, 20, allegedly assaulted her.

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