10 Years Ago This Girl Was Killed By An Illegal Alien

10 Years Ago This Girl Was Killed By An Illegal Alien

On December 7, 2009, Boynton Beach (FL) police arrested Leticia Flores, 28, for the hit-and-run killing of 10-year-old Darness Brown. The girl’s 13-year-old sister, Darneisha Ellis, was also injured when Flores hit their electric scooters.

Boynton Beach police spokeswoman Stephanie Slater said the girls were riding their scooters on Southwest Ninth Avenue at Southwest Third Street when Flores hit them with her Honda SUV.

In what had to be a sickening scene, Darneisha told the police that as her sister lay dying next to her, Flores jumped out of her vehicle and screamed at the two girls for being on the street; she then fled the scene.

The girl’s story was supported by an eyewitness. Jessica Thomas, told police she ran outside when she heard the crash. The affidavit stated: “Once outside, she observed the driver of the vehicle standing outside staring at the injured pedestrian. Thomas then stated that the driver (Flores) got into her vehicle and fled the scene.”

Police caught up to Flores as she pulled into a convenience store parking lot. She told the arresting officers that she left the accident scene because there were other people who had come to the girls’ aid. She also said that she ran because she had no drivers license.

A good Samaritan performed CPR on the little girl until paramedics arrived. However, having sustained severe internal injuries, she was pronounced dead shortly after arriving at Delray Medical Center.

Darness “had set a goal to be a lawyer,” according to her uncle, Lamont Davis.

In 2011, Leticia Flores was convicted of leaving the scene of a crash/causing death and driving without a license/causing injury/death. She was sentenced to four years in prison and released in April 2013 into ICE custody, for deportation.

At this time, the illegal alien’s whereabouts are unknown.

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