Muslim Immigrant Charged With Brutal Rape Of North Carolina Woman

RALEIGH, NC (The News & Observer) – A 34-year-old Raleigh man was being held without bail Monday after surrendering to face first-degree rape, first-degree kidnapping, assault on a female and other charges that Raleigh police filed in connection with an incident last week.

Mohammad Imthais Alam, who lives on Silverview Lane, turned himself in at the Wake County Detention Center on Hammond Road about 6 a.m., according to county arrest records.

The charges stem from a report that a woman was raped in the 5100 block of Hollyridge Drive on June 21, police said.

A first-degree forcible rape charge requires using or displaying a dangerous weapon, “inflicting serious personal injury” on the victim or someone else or having an accomplice.

Police also filed a charge of second-degree forcible sexual offense, which would involve actions not covered by a rape charge.

Other charges in the warrants in which police accused Alam were assault by strangulation and false imprisonment.

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6 thoughts on “Muslim Immigrant Charged With Brutal Rape Of North Carolina Woman

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