Illegal Aliens Are Costing Taxpayers Untold Dollars Even Before Going To Trial

October 26, 2017
by Dave Gibson

There is currently a Mexican national sitting in jail in Louisville Kentucky, who was arrested on distribution of drug charges on June 15, 2017. Juan Gonzalez, 31, was charged with trafficking in marijuana and cocaine, as well as several other offenses.

View this illegal’s charges…

The average cost per day, per inmate in a county jail in the state of Kentucky is $40.41. As of the date of this article, Gonzalez has cost the taxpayers of Louisville approximately $5,200, and by his next court date (11/29/2017), that figure will have grown to $6,560. Remember, that is only calculating incarceration costs, when one adds in court costs, providing him with a public defender and likely an interpreter, he will have cost the law-abiding citizens a great deal more.

This is only one inmate, who, of course, is not the only illegal alien sitting in this particular jail. Now, extrapolate that to city and county jails all over the country (For example, North Carolina has 100 counties.), as illegal aliens, and their crimes have spread to every corner of this nation, and it’s not difficult to see how much this ongoing invasion is costing that ever-shrinking class of taxpaying Americans.

Even if you are fortunate enough that neither you, nor a family member is ever directly effected by the criminal behavior of an illegal alien, you are still being victimized by being forced to support these foreign criminals.

You see, unlike the lie perpetuated by those who profit from their, albeit, illegal presence, illegal immigration has never been ‘a victimless crime.’

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