Illegal Alien ‘Porch Pirates’ Caught In String Of Package Thefts

WAKE FOREST, NC (WRAL) – Police on Tuesday arrested a couple in connection with a string of thefts of packages off porches in Wake Forest.

Acting on a tip from a resident, police stopped a pizza delivery vehicle on Heritage Lake Road and found several stolen packages inside, including parcels reported stolen from residences along Colonial Club Road, San Remo Place, Heritage Reserve Court, Highgate Circle, Coral Bell Drive and Meadow Flowers Avenue.

Rafael Perez, of 326-G S. Franklin St. in Wake Forest, charged with seven counts each of larceny and possession of stolen goods. Leticia Aldea-Flores, of 3914 Haresnipe Court in Raleigh, was charged with six counts of larceny and seven counts of possession of stolen goods. Additional charges may be filed against them, police said.

Victim Stephen Fulmer said he didn’t know packages had been stolen from his front porch until a police officer came to his door.

“Unbeknownst to us, the packages had been delivered,” he said. “[The officer] went back to his car, pulled out a package for my wife and said ‘Here you go.’ We got her package back but my package, which had some trinkets in it, is still missing.”

Police said “porch pirates” cruise neighborhoods looking for packages that can be taken quickly without notice. Some even follow delivery drivers and wait until a package or packages are dropped off and then snatch them as soon as the couriers leave, police said.

“A concerned citizen saw a suspicious vehicle sort of casing the neighborhood, called it in and, fortunately, one of our officers was able to stop the vehicle and locate all the stolen parcels,” said Bill Crabtree with the Town of Wake Forest.

Police said they plan to search the homes of Perez and Flores for any additional stolen items.

“It’s sad. You’re stealing from a person that you know they’re going to be gifts for somebody else,” Fulmer said.

Police said an alert neighbor saw Perez and Flores shining a flashlight on front porches as they drove by.

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5 thoughts on “Illegal Alien ‘Porch Pirates’ Caught In String Of Package Thefts

  1. We already have a small segment of criminality in the country. Must we import more? At one point public shaming, societal pressure worked to curb poor behavior. Most Americans still prized honesty, integrity, respect for law, others and self. Even those controls have been neutered by a society whose moral compass is DEvolving; our culture and it’s mores fracturing.

  2. Two of Obama’s guests and future demacratic voters i suppose well i hope they get a nice long vacation stay and a nice hotel like State or Federal Prison

  3. UPS and other package delivery systems have a legal obligation to “use reasonable care” while handling packages that they are delivering. ANYone in possession of someone else’s package has the obligation. WHY ARE THEY BEING ALLOWED TO DUMP PACKAGES ON PEOPLE’S PORCHES WITHOUT EVEN KNOCKING? That doesn’t look like “reasonable care” to me. I think someone who has been victimized by this type of “delivery” need to sue the delivery companies so they stop acting like they have no obligation to see the package safe into the possession of the recipient!

  4. I lived in L.A. and the kind of response you’d get from Messicans regarding theft was “If they really wanted it, they’d put a lock on it”… I’m totally glad I moved away from that toilet.

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