Illegal Alien Brothel Found In Georgia

CANTON, GA (WSB-TV) Police in Cherokee County say they’ve busted a house of prostitution operated by illegal immigrants that was around the corner from the Canton Police Department.

Channel 2’s Berndt Petersen questioned the owner of the Canton home on Tuesday. The owner said he rents the place out and told Petersen one of the suspects who was arrested had lived there for a year.

Archer Street is a mostly residential road around the corner from Canton police headquarters.

There are shops and professional offices on both sides of the street, but employees that Petersen spoke with Tuesday said they had no idea what was going on in the small house halfway down the block.

“I can’t believe that. Oh my God! I would go out there by myself to throw out trash all the time,” office worker Chandra Richardson told Petersen.

On Monday afternoon, local, state and federal authorities raided what they said was a house of prostitution.

Five people were arrested on charges that include prostitution and pimping. Detectives said none of those arrested were American citizens.

Officers told Petersen that one of the suspects is a taxi driver.

“Yeah, we believe he was shuttling people to and from the place and just being involved. He knew what was going on,” Officer Pacer Cordry, with the Canton Police Department, said.

The landlord, who owns the house, lives a couple of doors down.

He would not go on camera but told Petersen he had no idea anything illegal was going on there.

He said the tenant always paid his rent on time and always paid with cash.

People who have lived in the neighborhood for years were stunned.

‚ÄúThat’s crazy, absolutely crazy. I can’t believe it. That’s not something I would have thought of,” neighbor Lacey Perry said.

Police said they’re checking with authorities in neighboring counties. They suspect there may be other operations like this one run by illegal immigrants.

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