‘DREAMER’ Caught Making Videos In Men’s Restroom

FAYETTEVILLE, AR (40/29 News) – Police arrested Raymond Peraza-Ayuso Wednesday night after he was accused of secretly taking videos of men using the bathroom at Planet Fitness.

Police were called to the gym just south of Wedington and west of I-49 by a manager. The manager told police he saw Peraza-Ayuso stick a cell phone out from under the stall and towards a urinal.

Officers spoke with Peraza-Ayuso, and obtained consent to search his phone, according to the police report. They found numerous videos of men using the restroom in Planet Fitness. Peraza-Ayuso told police he took the videos.

Peraza-Ayuso was arrested on a charge of video voyeurism. He bonded out Thursday afternoon.

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  1. I thought Planet Fitness was a “no judgment zone” that catered to any freak who could pay his/her/its membership dues. Silly me.

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