72 Illegal Aliens Found in Texas Stash House

KVEO News Center 23 Brownsville, TX – The leader of an illegal alien smuggling organization in Brownsville is sentenced to 10 years in prison.

36 year-old Raul Ramirez Martinez, an undocumented man from Queretaro, Mexico pleaded guilty back in May 2014 to running a stash house on Coral Court in Brownsville.

Agents had found 72 illegal aliens from different countries, such as Honduras, Guatemala,Bolivia, and El Salvador hiding there.

At 4,000 dollars each, the illegal aliens were turned over to Ramirez -Martinez to harbor and transportthem north. Aliens held at the house said they were initially kept at a trailer in cramped, standing-room only conditions before being taken to the stash house.

Ramirez-Martinez is expected to be deported after his release from prison. He had a prior smuggling conviction in 2006.

Others involved in the organization and already arrested include Claudia Cerda-Lucio (34 months),Rodrigo Gonzalez-Alvarez (60 months), Rafael-Hernandez (5 years probation), Miguel Pucheta-Malaga (24 months) and Rafael de la Cruz Bautista (46 months).

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