Saudi On Student Visa Choked Store Clerk, Tried To Convert Her To Islam

MUNCIE, IN (The Star Press) – Charges against an ex-Muncie man accused of fighting with police officers – and threatening to kill shoppers at a northside store unless they converted to Islam – have been dismissed.

That’s because 24-year-old Khalid Sulaiman Bilal, a former Ball State University student, has been deported.

Bilal was charged with 15 crimes – including five counts of battery resulting in bodily injury to a police officer, three counts of resisting law enforcement, and attempted strangulation and intimidation – in connection with the March 25 incident at the Goodwill store, 5035 W. Hesler Blvd.

FOX 59 reported:

Bilal allegedly entered the store and began forcefully trying to convert people to Islam while claiming to be the Prophet Muhammad and trying to place his hands on them. He struck and strangled an employee and told her he would kill her if she didn’t convert to Islam. He attacked responding officers, breaking one of the officer’s hands and repeatedly kicking the other. During the scuffle, Bilal yelled “Allahu Akbar,” a phrase meaning “God is greater” and commonly used by Islamic radicals before a violent attack, according to an affidavit filed by Homeland Security.

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  1. So his only punishment is deportation? Too soft. He needs jail time and to make reparations to victims. These illegals laugh at our legal system.

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