Illegal Alien Tried To Rape 89-Year-Old Woman

SMITHFIELD, NC (The News & Observer) – A 52-year-old man faces charges in Johnston County that he broke into a South Smithfield home Sunday and tried to rape an 89-year-old woman before fleeing and being tracked by police dogs, officials said in a statement Monday.

Jose Campuzano-Ramirez was being held in lieu of $1 million bail in the county jail pending a first court appearance.

Campuzano-Ramirez was charged with first-degree burglary, felony assault, first-degree kidnapping, attempted first-degree forcible rape and attempted first-degree sexual offense.

Police said they were alerted to a burglary call shortly after 4 a.m. Sunday and found the woman injured.

“Officers noted obvious signs of a struggle taking place inside the home,” police said in the statement.

K-9 teams followed a scent trail, and police found Campuzano-Ramirez after a “lengthy track,” the statement said.

4 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Tried To Rape 89-Year-Old Woman

  1. Build the wall,
    Deport Illegal aliens
    No sanctuary cities
    Respect the rule of law
    California has become a cesspool
    Coming to your state next

  2. …and today the MSM reports the Democrats willing to shut down the government than to fund our Presidents Border wall…. They are guilty of all of the murders and crimes for not putting the safety of American Citizens first. Its truly unfathomable this resistance exits, and there is only 1 explanation for it, Voter BASE. The Dems willingness to fight to keep us safe is proof without illegal aliens voting them into office, they would never be elected. We cannot slow down the fight and must protect Trump from all the evil he’s been getting from those that should their soul to ISIS and the devil.

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