Previously Imprisoned Illegal Alien Charged With String Of Burglaries And Rapes

KANSAS CITY, KS (WDAF) – A man who police say has spent two years on the run after he was charged in April 2015 with rape and aggravated burglary in Kansas City, Kan., has been captured and is now in the Wyandotte County jail.

Adalberto Mata-Beras, 35, is accused of a string of burglaries and assaults in the area of the Woodview Apartments off I-35 and 18th Street Expressway.

Mata-Beras is charged with the crimes inside one of the apartments on March 29, 2015. Investigators said DNA left behind at one of the scenes helped investigators link Mata-Beras to the crime.

According to prison records, he served time in the Kansas Department of Corrections between July of 2009 and September of 2011 for a felony drug conviction and misdemeanor weapons conviction. Records show both of the crimes occurred in Wyandotte County in November of 2008.

*Booking information shows that Mata-Beras is a Mexican national, and he is currently being held on an ICE detainer in the Wyandotte County Jail.

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  1. Thanks crazy brainless lefties who want to harbor and let run loose dangerous men like the one in the article above Perhaps he is an illegal HRC voter?

  2. All of these animals should be tried in a military court. If convicted of rape, child molestation, or murder it’s automatic execution. Those of lesser crimes go back to the hell holes they came from. NO EXCUSES.

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