Previously Deported Killer Re-Arrested In Arizona

NOGALES, AZ (AZCENTRAL) – Border Patrol agents in southern Arizona arrested a Guatemalan man previously convicted of murder, after he crossed the U.S.-Mexico border in a rural area west of Nogales.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection said agents were on patrol on Thursday afternoon near the community of Arivaca when they came across Walter Ramirez-Perez.

After determining he was in the country illegally, they ran his fingerprints in database records, the CBP said. Agents discovered that in 2005, Ramirez-Perez was convicted of criminal negligent homicide in Houston.

The 37-year-old migrant spent four years in jail and was then deported back to Guatemala, according to the CBP.

Ramirez-Perez will remain in federal custody and faces charges of illegal re-entry.

6 thoughts on “Previously Deported Killer Re-Arrested In Arizona”

  1. So they’ll put him in a federal jail where he’ll live the good life of three hots and a cot. He’ll be living the life compared to Squatamala…

  2. Under Obama he would be getting special treatment as a Future Demacratic Voter and in California he would be aquited of all charges which shows you liberal demacrats aid and abet crinimals

  3. These people need to do prison time for illegal re-entry, if only to delay their return after deportation even further. Simply deporting them is no deterrent, it’s a revolving door. And the prison we send them to should be a ‘hard labor’ hell-hole. Their 3 ‘hots’ should consist of bread and water and their ‘cot’ should be a thin blanket, no pillow and rough concrete slab to lay on.

  4. There is NO hard labor prison time that you speak of. I wish most of all that the government would have open, honest policy with its American citizens about what prison really is. Inmates are entitled to certain rights. Lawyers, legal libraries, psychologists, doctors, medical- to include sex reassignment, dentists, recreation, balanced meals, visitation, laundry, commissary, religious services- to include sweat lodges, Muslim, and Pagan rituals, education, etc. It doesn’t matter what nationality the inmate is from, what crime was committed, or how the behavior has been since incarceration. There is, and has not been solitary confinement in YEARS!!!!

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