Muslim Here On Student Visa Attempted To Murder Federal Judge

TOLEDO, OH (Fox News) – An Indian citizen who studied at Ohio State University has pleaded guilty to supporting terrorism and trying to arrange the killing of a federal judge who had been overseeing his case.

Yahya Farooq Mohammad is one of four men with Ohio ties accused in 2015 of working to send money to a known al-Qaida leader. The others are awaiting trial.

Mohammad pleaded guilty Monday to providing support to terrorists and solicitation to commit a violent crime.

Prosecutors say Mohammad told another inmate in Toledo last year he wanted to have the federal judge killed.

Mohammad’s attorney says the government didn’t have a strong case but the 39-year-old Mohammad decided to plead guilty and accept a 27-year sentence because it was too risky to face trial and a possible life sentence.

7 thoughts on “Muslim Here On Student Visa Attempted To Murder Federal Judge”

  1. From my understanding of islam, if you die while doing jihad, you have instant access to allah and 72 virgins. If these, mostly illiterate, jihadists, slaughter innocent people, they then expect to wake up with allah and the 72 promised? Is this an evil, sick, insane cult, or what?

  2. Too bad for the 40 year old student. He had such a promising future as a human fuse to a one-time fireworks display.

  3. Muslimes are a permanent, existential threat to America as their ideology, which is not a real religion, commands them all to “fight them until all is islam”. The muslime brotherhood (may pig feces be upon them) has even written a business plan on how they intend to conquer America by cultural jihad. Given the fact that islam has declared war on America (along with all non-muslime countries), we MUST treat them all like enemy combatants, unless of course you want your descendants to live as slaves to muslime animals which our dirt bag politicians apparently want us to do.

  4. We do not need sub human scum like this in our country. Trump ran on a platform of banning this trash from our shores but still they continue to stream in. Islam as a religion is simply not compatible with modern civil
    society. Wish people in the West would wake up to this threat.

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