Sunday Marked The Sixth Anniversary Of Rob Krentz’s Murder By An Illegal Alien

This past weekend marked the fifth anniversary of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz’s murder. He was shot to death on his own property. The story is yet one more tragic example of the violence our fellow countrymen living in the American Southwest face everyday thanks to an unprotected border with Mexico.

Though, President Obama has never publicly acknowledged this tragedy, choosing instead to further stir racial tensions, attack Fox News and take in a baseball game with a Communist tyrant, it can be fairly said that Obama’s border policy of non-enforcement makes him an accessory to murder in this case, as well as countless others.

Here are the facts…

On March 27, 2010, Rob Krentz was shot to death near a watering hole on his 35,000-acre ranch. The lifeless body of his faithful dog, “Blue,” also shot to death, was lying beside him.

The motive for the murder was undoubtedly retaliation, as only a day before, his brother, Phil Krentz, phoned the Border Patrol to report drug smuggling activity on the ranch. As a result of the report, agents arrested eight illegal aliens and seized 290 pounds of marijuana.

The ranch which has been in the Krentz family since 1907 is located in a known smuggling corridor.

Shortly after his body was discovered, U.S. Border Patrol agents, sheriff’s deputies and Department of Corrections dog chase teams followed a single set of foot tracks for 20 miles, to the Mexican border.

While Obama has the time to spend time in Cuba, praising tyrants and dancing the Tango in Argentina, this same president cannot take the time to voice his support and anger over a fellow American being gunned down by a foreign, hostile invader.

However, no one should be surprised by this, as Obama is the same president who for the last five years, has refused numerous requests to fly the White House flag in recognition of National Remembrance Day for Those Killed by Illegal Aliens.

To his devoted widow, Sue…Please know that there are millions of Americans who stand with you and see your husband as not only a great man, but as a man that we will never forget and for whom we will never stop fighting.

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  1. I will never forget reading about this when it happened. It opened my eyes to what was happening with the attempted takeover and invasion by illegals of our country. My Rob Krentz’ soul rest in peace, and my heart goes out to his family.

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