MS-13 Gang Members Murdered Man, Set Body On Fire In Virginia

WOODBRIDGE, VA (WJLA) – Police arrested four MS-13 gang members for allegedly murdering a man, dumping his body in the trunk of his car, and setting it on fire at Veterans Park in Woodbridge, Va.

Manuel Enrique Robles Lopez, 21; as Erick Alexander Contreras Navarro, 23; Denis Ludwin Espinal Alvares, 19; and a 17-year-old boy were arrested in March.

All four were charged in the murder of 25-year-old Santos Arquimidis Sorto Amaya.

Lopez is charged with murder-accessory after the fact, Navarro and Alvares are both charged with murder, and the teen boy is charged with murder, according to Prince William County Police.

Investigators say Amaya was abducted by the gang members in front of his home on March 13. The victim was leaving for work when the incident occurred.

On March 14, Amaya’s family called police to report him missing after they didn’t hear from him.

According to Prince William County Police, Amaya was shot multiple times. The victim’s body was placed in the trunk of his car. The gang members then burned the car with his body inside the vehicle at the park.

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  1. People are being brutally murdered while the FBI & DOJ are busy scheming on how to succeed at a coup against our President and our country. They are so preoccupied with bringing down Trump & trying to save their own hides from prosecution that they don’t have time to do their real jobs. Disgraceful.

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