‘DREAMER’ Stabs Couple To Death In Their Texas Home

SAN ANTONIO, TX (WOAI) – A teenage boy is arrested in connection to a double stabbing that happened at a home in the southeast side of San Antonio.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office arrested 17-year-old Jorge Carmond in the case.

Authorities were called out to a disturbance on Lost Hills Drive near I-37 at around 5:30 a.m. on Thursday morning.

When deputies arrived they found a car with its trunk open.

A short while after, a deputy found a man with stab wounds on the front porch of a home and a woman with multiple stab wounds inside the house.

The woman was pronounced dead at the scene; meanwhile, the man was taken to an area hospital but died of his injuries.

The couple was identified as 61-year-old John Smith and 59-year-old Melinda Smith.

Carmond is facing capital murder charges for his alleged involvement in the stabbing.

The Bexar County Sheriff’s Office is still investigation the incident.

30 thoughts on “‘DREAMER’ Stabs Couple To Death In Their Texas Home”

  1. This is yet another example of why we need the wall. He should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Those poor people. May God rest their soul.

  2. I’m reading the local stories and not one mentions him being illegal, let alone a dreamer. Not all young ilegalls are dreamers.

  3. More deaths cuased by Moonbeam and the anti border wall idiots the Open Borders and the welcome refugees idiots

  4. The driver of the get away car is liable for any deaths committed in the act. Whoever voted, encouraged or negligently allowed the ilegal into this country has to share the penalty of the ilegals crimes!!! They are de facto accessories to the crime!

  5. Just because you were once the president doesn’t mean you can pass something that wasn’t even brought before the board so why are we acting like this law is being broken when in fact it shouldn’t even be in affect!!! I have to have a passport to go to that country but they can come have a few kids and be here because their kids are citizens go through the steps to be here.

  6. We need to build the wall.. DEATH PENALTY to this POS.. This is the problem they have no consequences for their actions.. DEATH WITHIN THE YEAR!! WE NEED TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF PEOPLE THAT THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED EVER!!!!!

  7. All illegals are claiming DREAMER STATUS regardless of when or how they entered. Face it, it the chance given them by the democrats. This SOB needs to been given a chance to really dream…death!

  8. Not all Dreamers are bad people, but it seems a lot of the illegals feel they can do whatever they want with no consequences. They are very wrong on that part. Those who commit crimes should face the consequences for their actions. Those who have been deported multiple times should be deported again and again until they get the message. If you commit crimes here and are an illegal you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. If that doesn’t get the message across. Firing squads might. Breaking our laws to come here doesn’t give you the right to stay here on the taxpayer’s dime.

  9. There should be a law that for every time an illegal alien harms an American, 10 random members from the ADL, SPLC, Lutherans or any pro immigration group are executed.

  10. As far as I’m concerned if you are illegal you’ve already committed a crime so why wait for them to commit another one to get rid of them? We have enough problems of our own. Why adopt some other countries problems?

  11. Why did Mexican pres let all those people trapse thru his country “starving n thirsty”? Why did he open his BORDER WALL for them???????
    They need to join together in their own country and resist there like they risist our laws.

  12. I blame obama, the democrats and the spineless republicans for the place we are at with the issue of the continuing illegal alien invasion and DACA.
    obama never had the authority to create DACA, obama had the responsibility to enforce immigration laws but did not, he actually violated the immigration laws by complicity ignoring the illegal alien invasion.
    The democrats are complicit in the violation of immigration laws who stood idly by and condoned what obama did by not objecting.
    The republicans are also complicit in the violation of immigration laws who also stood idly by and condoned what obama did by on challenging obama in the courts.
    We see law suite after law suite filed by democrats against President Trump, when did any Republican State Attorney file any law suites against obama and all his illegal Executive Orders that were the purview of Congress.
    There is nothing in the Constitution that gives any President the power to create Executive Orders of this nature.

  13. THe unfortunate family of these two victims have Barrack Obama to thank for it ever occurring. The so called DACAS are all illegal aliens in our country and when they commit a crime in our country all they have to do is run to the border and get lost in the crowd. Thank the San Antonio policy for catching the little low life and I believe we can depend on the prosecutioners of San Antonio to make sure this little bastard dies a bad death.

  14. One American life is worth more than all the dreamers and illegals in the world. Build the wall!!! Support President Trump.

  15. But he’s just an innocent child whose only memories are of life here in the US! It’s society’s fault that this happened. I’m of course being sarcastic. For a crime like this, this foreigner deserves to be tried as an adult for capital murder. Yet another strong argument for ending DACA immediately, building the wall, much stronger vetting, & mass deportations.

  16. Dreamer??? He is an ILLEGAL that needs to be executed…plain and simple…use him as an example…and get all the ILLEGAL ALIENS the hell out of this country

  17. He had the gall to give an interview to a local TV station and the cop interrupted the interview to talk to him!

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