Bus Driver Who Slammed Into Fire Truck, Killing Fire Chief Is Illegal Alien

St. John the Baptist Parish, LA (NBC News) – Two people were killed and dozens more were injured after a speeding rental bus carrying construction workers crashed into a fire truck at the scene of an earlier crash on a Louisiana highway Sunday, state police said.

The 7:17 a.m. crash on Interstate 10 westbound in St. John the Baptist Parish threw three firefighters over a guardrail, sending them plummeting 30 to 40 feet into water below, state police said.

St. John the Baptist Parish Fire Chief Spencer Chauvin, 36, died, and a passenger in another car that was also struck was killed, Louisiana State Police spokeswoman Melissa Matey said. Three others in the car that was struck were injured, one of whom was in critical condition.

“This is a very sad day for all first responders in Louisiana,” Louisiana State Police Superintendent Col. Mike Edmonson said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the St. John the Baptist Fire Department.”

Authorities planned to charge the bus driver, Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, 37, with two counts of negligent homicide, reckless operation and other crimes, Matey said. Additional charges were expected.

She said that Rodriguez, a Honduran national, was in the country illegally and was driving without a license.

A message left with the company that owns the vehicle, Kristina’s Transportation LLC/AM Party Bus, was not immediately returned.

The bus, which was headed to Baton Rouge on Sunday morning, was carrying construction workers, officials said.

The earlier crash happened at around 6:40 a.m. local time (7:40 a.m. ET) when a 2005 Nissan Titan lost control and hit a guardrail and was in the right lane and shoulder of the highway, state police said. The driver suffered minor injuries.

Firefighters and a state police vehicle were responding to that crash when the the 2002 Eldorado National private party bus, which police said was traveling at a high rate of speed, hit the fire truck and other vehicles, police said.

The bus hit the left side of the fire engine stopped in the right lane, then hit the rear of a Toyota Camry, and then veered to the right and hit the three firefighters standing near the right guardrail, state police said.

Forty-one people were transported to local hospitals, Acadian Ambulance Service said, including Chauvin, who was pronounced dead, Matey said.

The two others firefighters — William Mack, 35, and Nicholas Sale, 32 — were hospitalized with moderate and critical injuries. Twenty-four bus passengers were taken to local hospitals with minor and moderate injuries, Matey said.

A rear-seat passenger in the Camry, Jermaine Starr, 21, was declared dead at the scene, Matey said. The driver of the Camry and another rear seat passenger were hospitalized with serious injuries, and the front seat passenger was in critical condition, police said.

In a statement Sunday afternoon, St. John the Baptist Parish President Natalie Robottom described Chauvin as “one of the bravest and most dedicated firefighters that I know.”

“This was a horrific accident,” Robottom said. “This type of loss will affect the entire department and they will have our full support as they deal with the grief of losing a comrade.”

“It is heartbreaking, especially after this same group of individuals helped to guide St. John the Baptist Parish safely through Hurricane Isaac, the February tornado and the flood event last week.”

3 thoughts on “Bus Driver Who Slammed Into Fire Truck, Killing Fire Chief Is Illegal Alien

  1. They all drive without licenses here in Az. How do I know? I work in a school and have to ask for Id when they pick up their kids. No drivers licenses. Either Mexican Ids or expired passports. The police turn a blind eye. Sheriff Joe is my hero but the media here is out to get him.

  2. The bus was full of illegals gong to to do work in the flooded areas. Thecompany which hired the illegal workers, WRS, is owned by local Louisiana Constable Eddie Schmidt, as well as David Wallace, a state legislator in Arkansas, according to WWL-TV. These leaders hired illegals to work when all the local flood victims were encouraged to file unemployment. Are we going to put up with this?

  3. An open letter to any politician involved in this senseless tragedy:

    I am the mother of the firefighter HERO that was killed on August 28, 2016. If you didn’t know, two other men were also killed in this accident, two other firemen were severely hurt, mentally and physically and many of the illegal people you hired were hurt. I don’t expect any kind of response or explanation from you, you can save it for when you meet your maker and explain it to him, but for now I do have questions that you can think about and answer to yourself:

    1. Was it worth being so greedy that you could not find hard working American citizens who needed jobs and would be willing to go into this disaster area to do this kind of work?
    2. Did your government contracts not require you to hire people in the same manner that most businesses use by asking for a copy of a persons driver’s license, birth certificate, social security card, etc. I know in order for me to get a job in this country, the company wants to know a little about me before I am hired. You are responsible for the people you hire.
    3. Many of the illegal immigrants on the bus were injured and taken to our hospitals and treated for their injuries. I would like to know who will pay their medical bills, will it be paid with my tax dollars that are collected from me because I am a legal U.S. citizen?
    4. Why is it when so many people get elected to public office they change from being good people who want to help into people who become evil and decide that they will change and create laws that will benefit themselves and forget about the people that they are there to serve?

    I could go on with many more questions, but instead I will leave you with some facts that exist now because of your poor actions and decisions:
    1. Two beautiful children and an amazing wife and mother no longer have their daddy and husband around. Instead they have pictures of this HERO to comfort them.
    2. Two great HERO firemen, hurt and suffering both physically and mentally, are now worried about how they will be able to support their families. If you didn’t know, firemen, who risk their lives everyday, are not paid the best and usually they all have second jobs to help make ends meet. They are out there to protect and serve you, similar to what you, as an elected politician, suppose to do.
    3. You have hurt our small community by taking away a model citizen who devoted his life to helping others.
    You can make all the excuses for yourself if that makes YOU feel better, but your reasoning and statements mean nothing to me. You see, every dirty deed has some consequence.
    I would like to see the following happened but I am not expecting it unless, just maybe, you have a conscious and a heart.

    1. You come forward and take responsibility for whatever role you played in this tragedy. You provide the authorities with the information to conduct their investigation. I have complete confidence in the police and know that they will get all the answers.
    2. You pay out of your government contracts the medical bills for the illegal immigrants taken to our medical facilities to be treated. We didn’t seek them out and ask them to come to our country, you did.

    And finally, my hopes and prayers are that this country will wake up and stop greedy politicians that think they are above the law, that people will remember the words “one nation under God”. These greedy politicians knew these people were illegal immigrants and used them to profit from natural disasters. They should be held responsible for this tragedy.
    I pray that God will lead you to do what is right.

    Donna Chauvin

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