Illegal Alien Caught Selling Cocaine In North Carolina

Illegal Alien Caught Selling Cocaine In North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC (The News & Observer) – Wake County sheriff’s drug investigators arrested two men Friday and charged them with cocaine trafficking and conspiring to sell cocaine to an undercover officer.

Arrest warrants said that Jose Humberto Espinoza-Eguia, 36, who lives near Garner had sold the undercover officer cocaine on March 25.

Other paperwork charged that Eslinoza-Eguia and Abel Vega Alcantar, 40, of Wendell sold the officer a small amount of cocaine Friday and planned to sell between 28 and 200 grams of the drug.

Officials also discovered that Espinoza-Eguia, who is from Mexico, has an outstanding deportation order from federal immigration officials, and they want to take custody of him after the case involving the North Carolina charges is over.

Alcantar was arrested at the Jones Sausage Road house where Espinoza-Eguia lives.

Espinoza-Eguia was arrested a nearby Jones Sausage Road convenience store inside Raleigh city limits.

In addition to the trafficking and conspiracy charges, deputies charged Espinoza-Eguia with possessing, selling and delivering cocaine on Friday, possessing it with the intent to sell it and using a 2011 Chevrolet HHR to keep and sell drugs.

Deputies also filed three felony charges in connection with the sale they said happened in March.

Alcantar was held on $150,000 bail. Espinoza-Eguia was held on $110,000 bail.

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