Illegal Alien Arrested In Texas, 10 Days After Being Deported

HIDALGO COUNTY, TX (CBS 4) – Border Patrol agents arrested a Mexican man on Monday — just 10 days after the federal government deported him.

Agents arrested 50-year-old Daniel Gonzalez-Limas near Hidalgo on Monday, according to the federal criminal complaint against him.

“Record checks revealed the Defendant was formally Deported/Excluded from the United States on March 3, 2017 through Del Rio, Texas,” according to the criminal complaint.

Gonzalez is now charged with illegal re-entry.

He’s already been deported nine times, according to federal court records.

In March 2008, he pleaded guilty to driving while intoxicated, a Class B misdemeanor, according to Hidalgo County court records.

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  1. Chip the bast@rds before deportation, make it a death penalty offense to return, carried out immediately; presence of a chip is prima facia evidence of violation.

    Bet the returns stop, no problem.

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