23-Year-Old Ukranian National Used Fake Papers, Attended High School


HARRISBURG, PA – A Pennsylvania high school student was arrested Tuesday for identity theft, but it is not quite what it sounds like.

He is actually a 23-year-old Ukrainian immigrant.

Artur Samarin went by the name “Asher Potts” and posed as an 18-year-old Harrisburg High School student in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

Samarin remained in the country and took on a false identity after his visa expired, according to police.

Harrisburg School District spokesperson Kirsten Keys said the school is investigating the matter and are working with authorities.

In addition to identity theft, Samarin is facing a tampering with public records charge.

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1 thought on “23-Year-Old Ukranian National Used Fake Papers, Attended High School

  1. He was a visa overstay, and an asset — including ROTC — nothing like the low-class illegals that flood over the southern border. He’s also not getting away with anything, unlike the lowlife illegals we have running around who seem to get away with everything.
    I wouldn’t put him in with the criminals.

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