Drunken Three-Time Deportee Causes Head-On-Crash In Minnesota

MENDOTA HEIGHTS, MN (The Woodbury Patch) – A man charged with fleeing a state trooper, driving impaired, and crashing into another vehicle after driving the wrong way down Interstate 35E is not a United States citizen and has been deported from the country three different times previously, according to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Jorge Barrera Garcia, age 36, now faces a fourth deportation.

The Minnesota State Patrol said in the early hours of Oct. 1, Garcia was driving a Kia Sportage southbound in the northbound lanes of I-35E in Mendota Heights when he crashed head-on into a Honda Accord. The collision occurred near the ramp from I-35E onto westbound Interstate 494.

Both Garcia and the 64-year-old driver of the Honda, Randall Paul Carmody, of Woodbury, were transported to Regions Hospital with serious injuries.

Garcia was charged last week with criminal vehicular operation resulting in great bodily harm, fleeing an officer, driving while impaired, and obstructing the legal process, KSTP reported.

“Garcia has previously been removed (deported) from the U.S. on three occasions, once in 2007 and twice in 2008. He was also convicted in federal court in May 2008 for illegally entering the U.S. ICE will seek to gain custody of Garcia if he’s released from local custody, and will reinstate his previous removal order,” Department of Homeland Security public affairs officer Shawn Neudauer told KSTP in a statement.

Carmody was on his way to Savage for new job training when the collision occurred. “Next thing you know, glass is flying and I’m twirling around, and I firmly believe without my seat belt, I’d be dead,” he told KSTP.

4 thoughts on “Drunken Three-Time Deportee Causes Head-On-Crash In Minnesota”

  1. Time to stop deporting these illegal aliens(Future Demacratic Voters)who commit these crimes and started locking them up i mean no more Catch & Release

  2. The illegal aliens that got drunk and killed people, must have been in fear of ICE or Donald Trump coming to HUNT him down. So, he sought solace in alcohol. Who could blame, the poor downtrodden victim of Republican racism and bigotry. A man with a DREAM of being a Doctor, Lawyer or Rocket Scientist!

  3. So if he still came back here a 4th time, he was not really deported. These jerks just laugh at our weak laws and even weaker endorcement of laws, and walk right back in. We need to makenit waaay more uncomfortable for them, like, I don’t know, maybe a prison conditions equivalent to a Mexican jail, and impose fines too, just like they do in Mexico! They will think twice if it is as bad as going to jail in their home countries.

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