Illegal Alien’s Rape Of 15-Year-Old Girl Was Broadcast Live Over Video Game Feed

PASCO COUNTY, FL (The Washington Times) – The Florida teen accused of raping a girl while still broadcasting live on a video game audio feed is an illegal immigrant who came to the country 17 years ago on a visitor’s visa and never left, Homeland Security said Thursday.

Daniel Enrique Fabian stands charged with lewd and lascivious battery stemming from the June incident.

Another gamer playing “Grand Theft Auto” said Mr. Fabian had bragged he was about to have sex. He then left his microphone on and the other gamer heard a girl repeatedly say “No” as she tried to resist Mr. Fabian’s assault, police say.

The girl, who is 15 years old, said Mr. Fabian shoved her to his bed and tried to stifle her attempts to resist. DNA was found linking him to the assault, WTSP reported.

A Homeland Security official told The Washington Times that Mr. Fabian does not have permission to be in the U.S.

“DHS can confirm Daniel Enrique Fabian entered the United States on a B-2 visitor visa in 2001 from Peru. As a reminder a B-2 is only for up to six months. Fabian did not reapply and remains illegally present in the United States,” the official said.

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