Illegal Alien Raped, Impregnated 11-Year-Old Girl

BOYNTON BEACH, FL (WITW) – Officers from the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office arrived at a hospital in Boynton Beach, Florida, Wednesday night after receiving a call about a sexual battery case. Health officials there told the officers that an 11-year-old girl who was brought in was found to be pregnant. According to deputies, the girl said she’d been raped repeatedly by a 38-year-old man, Elvin Benitez-Lopez, since she was 9 years old.

When authorities tracked down Benitez-Lopez on Thursday and brought him into headquarters for questioning, they say he confessed, but claimed he only raped the girl once on Halloween, after having “a moment of weakness.” They said Benitez-Lopez, a Guatemalan citizen, saw the girl coming out of the shower wearing only a towel, and he remarked that she “looked like a woman,” and that’s when he forced himself on the girl. He was placed under arrest.

According to authorities, the girl said she’s been raped dozens of times by Benitez-Lopez over the last two years, most recently on the day before Thanksgiving, again as she was coming out of the shower. Authorities say most of the attacks occurred when the girl was showering. They allege that Benitez-Lopez would unlock the bathroom door, let himself in and violate the girl as she showered. According to reports, the relationship between Benitez-Lopez and the girl is unclear. Also unclear is what treatment, if any, the girl will receive. Benitez-Lopez has been charged with 20 counts of raping a minor and one count of impregnating a child. He’s being held in a local jail and was denied bond.

4 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Raped, Impregnated 11-Year-Old Girl

  1. I don’t normally believe in abortions…..but in this case YES! She should be able to have an abortion! My God! President Trump was right, and ALL these Illegal Aliens NEED to be Deported NOW!

  2. Keep him here sentence to death if he’s deported he will do it somewhere or come back in somehow prisoners will get him before execution anyway good save state money and the girl needs abortion I really don’t believe in abortions but in this case this whole family needs to be investigated completely

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