Criminal Defense Attorney Claims Illegal Alien Child Rapist Is Not “A Danger To The Community”

TUSCALOOSA, AL (The Tuscaloosa News) – A judge has increased the bond of an undocumented immigrant accused of raping a 10-year-old girl.

Juan Vazquez Cornelio, 38, has been held on $60,000 bond since his arrest on March 16. Tuscaloosa County District Court Jude Joanne Jannik raised his bond to $500,000 after a hearing Monday morning.

He would be required to pay cash in order to make bond.

Cornelio is accused of sexually assault the girl at a location on Rice Mine Road earlier this month. She was treated at Children’s of Alabama hospital in Birmingham.

The Tuscaloosa County District Attorney’s office requested the bond increase, saying that if released on $60,000, Cornelio could be deported and would be unlikely to show up for further court proceedings.

Tuscaloosa County Assistant District Attorney Loren Rafferty asked the judge to increase the bond, saying “the only way to assure the defendant’s continued appearance in and proper resolution of this case is to have the court set an appropriate bond in this case.”

Defense attorney Eric Snow argued that the $60,000 bond was adequate.

“There has not been a showing that the defendant is a danger to the community, has made threats of any type, was not cooperative with law enforcement, or in any other way demonstrated actions that would require such a deviation from the listed bond schedule…,” he wrote in a motion submitted to the judge.

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