MS-13 Issues ‘Kill Order’ On New York Cops

LONG ISLAND, NY (The New York Post) – MS-13 has directed its members to “take out a cop” in a terrifying directive that has police on high alert across the New York area, according to a new memo obtained by The Post.

Police are hunting for the gang member suspected of putting out the hit order — a tall, light-skinned Hispanic man with a thin build and a tattoo of three dots next to his eye.

Cops in Hempstead, one of the Long Island towns the violent gang has terrorized, were tipped off to the threat Wednesday by a “credible” informant, the NYPD memo said.

The member of the Salvadoran gang told the informant they needed to make a “statement” and specifically wanted to kill a cop in the Hempstead area.

“The police have been making too many arrests and it’s time to take the streets back and take out (shoot) a cop like we do in El Salvador,” the memo quotes the suspect saying, according to the informant.

Any member of MS-13 has permission to carry out the attack, the informant said.

A police source said cops were already wary of MS-13.

“Everybody normally watches themselves. Everybody’s on alert regardless, especially where there’s a high presence of MS-13,” the source said.

Another police source said the warning should be heeded by all cops — not just those on Long Island.

“You have a license plate that says FOP [Fraternal Order of Police]. You might wear a T-shirt that says what precinct you work in,” the source said.

“A cop’s a cop. They don’t know who you work for. FOP is for everybody.”

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  2. Time to have MS-13 declared Domestic Terrorists and handled under RICO and anti terrorists laws and send them to prison for life

  3. “Time to have MS-13 declared Domestic Terrorists and handled under RICO and anti terrorists laws and send them to prison for life”

    No. Declare them non-citizens and invaders, and hunt them and kill them. They have no human value worth saving.

  4. MS-13,ANTIFA,BLM,NBPP, Domestic Terrorists arrest them and all those who support them Soros.CFR,UN and Democrats Etc

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  6. Time for the militia to lock and load, and shoot these animals on sight. Then burn down their homes, and crack houses, and crime dens. The ones that survive will be fast to disappear. We will be defending America against enemies who are already here.

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