Illegal Alien Who Killed Florida Deputy Will Be Deported, His Anchor Babies Will Join Him

NASSAU COUNTY, FL (First Coast News) -The American family of an illegal immigrant arrested after a traffic accident that killed a Nassau County sheriff’s deputy will move to El Salvador once the immigrant is sent back to that Central American nation, his wife said Friday.

“The only reason he came over here was for me and my kids. … I’m willing to pack up my stuff,” Viviana Portillo, a Texas native, said to explain her unusual choice. “I would do anything for my husband.”

Her husband, Francisco Portillo-Fuentes, was running from Deputy Eric Oliver in November when Oliver tried to cross Florida 200 in Yulee and was hit and killed by a passing car.

Portillo-Fuentes, 26, is scheduled to be sentenced Monday in federal court for reentering the country illegally after being caught and removed once before.

His attorney wrote to the judge this week to emphasize that Portillo-Fuentes didn’t mean to cause any harm.

“The instant he ran, all he was thinking about was being separated from his wife and children and the end of his dream,” Assistant Federal Defender Mark Rosenblum wrote in a memo filed ahead of the sentencing by U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard.

The attorney told the judge Portillo-Fuentes “will think about Deputy Oliver and his family every day for the rest of his life. He wishes he had submitted to being taken into custody, rather than running away.”

Portillo-Fuentes pleaded guilty to the illegal reentry charge in December and faces a maximum of two years behind bars, followed by removal from the country.

Portillo-Fuentes has spent about 100 days locked up so far, and Rosenblum argued that time served plus seven days would meet the goals the law sets out for sentencing.

“While he instinctively ran away to avoid being taken into custody, he did not intend that harm come to Deputy Oliver, and the officer’s death was unforeseeable to him,” Rosenblum argued. “Mr. Portillo-Fuentes did not commit a separate crime by running away, or surely the state and/or federal government would have charged an offense.”

A State Attorney’s Office spokesman said the Florida Highway Patrol forwarded a report last week outlining facts about Oliver’s death, but that report is still being reviewed.

Although he slipped back into the country before, Rosenblum told the judge that after Oliver’s death, Portillo-Fuentes “understands that he will never again be able to return to the United States.”

Viviana Portillo said her husband’s mother is still in his hometown, Sonsonate.

To reunite with her husband, Portillo said she’ll bring the family’s five American-born children, ages 1 to 10, to Sonsonate once Portillo-Fuentes is removed from the U.S. For now, the children are living with grandparents in Texas.

18 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Who Killed Florida Deputy Will Be Deported, His Anchor Babies Will Join Him

  1. He should be given a suspended sentence for all the remaining time (to the max possible sentence.) This might deter him from coming back again. After all, if not for that, why not?

  2. A REPEAT offender. Already shipped back once……..where’s the guarantee he won’t come back again? All REPEAT offenders should receive AUTOMATIC JAIL TIME. Believe me, when we start locking them up……they’ll quit coming. NOTHING ELSE WILL STOP THEM.

  3. It sickens me that yet again, another U.S. citizen died because of an illegal alien. When are illegal aliens going to learn that the AMERICAN dream is not a “right” afforded to those who were successful at sneaking across the border? This officer left behind a young daughter, what about her dreams?

  4. The deterrence of any criminal law is lost when not enforced as is the case with repeat illegal aliens. All repeat offenders of illegal entry should be prosecuted and jailed as provided by the current law. If it requires more judges to handle the caseload they should be authorized by Congress.

  5. SUGGESTION: If they come over illegally, Jail time. If they commit a crime while here, MAX Jail time, THEN deportation. If they kill or injure someone, DEATH PENALTY! ALL anchor babies will be deported! This SHOULD STOP the problem!

  6. Run from a cop for any reason
    The possibilty of some one getting killed when someone runs, is more than likley yes.

    Make him pay!

    Cops are defenders of the innocent, they dont run, the guilty run from cops, that action becomes felony elusion, beyond resisting which can be as simple as a misdemeanor, and anything that happens in that elusion attempt is felony also, if someone dies as a result it is like this – you know it can happen and you do it anyway – equal to first degree murder.

  7. 100 days served plus 7 days..are you kidding me??!!! I’m sorry, I want them out of here too, but, 107 days for killing someone is BS! I’m upset about that myself, so imagine how the deputies family feels! I think because he’s an illegal ALIEN (not illegal immigrant), the maximum murder sentence should be even more harsh for him. And I believe, as well, that just because a child is born here to an illegal alien, does NOT make them a citizen, PERIOD.

  8. But…he didn’t mean to kill the cop…it could have been an American that did the same…yes I say deport him for being illegal…but I think he is sincere in being sorry for killing Anyone…and I am totally against Anyone coming here illegally…

  9. She will not leave. You can bet your sweet ass that they are a welfare family and there’s no welfare in El Salvador. She talks big but it ain’t going to happen. She’s trying to get a “time served” sentence reduction with deportation so Francisco can sneak back in quicker and get back to making more welfare babies.

  10. If they put the bastard in the Electric Chair, they could deport him to hell for the death of the Deputy Sheriff. That would serve as a major deterrent to the rest of the cucarachas.

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