Illegal Alien Murdered Deputy Sheriff In Sanctuary City

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO (ABC News 13) – The man who fatally shot an El Paso County deputy and injured two other deputies, a Colorado Springs officer and a nearby citizen has been identified.

Manuel Zetina, 19, of Colorado Springs was killed in the crossfire with El Paso County deputies and a Colorado Springs officer at Murray Hill Apartments on Monday night.

Beat Auto Theft Through Law Enforcement task force detectives were in the 4200 block of Galley Road at just before 4 p.m. investigating a stolen vehicle.

While the detectives were trying to make an arrest on Zetina, he drew a gun and began firing. Deputy Micah Lee Flick was killed while Deputy Scott Stone, Sergeant Jake Abendshan, and Officer Marcus Yanez were wounded and rushed to the hospital.

Zetina was pronounced dead at the scene.

A semi-automatic was recovered from the Murray Hill Apartments parking lot.

El Paso County Court documents show Zetina’s criminal past:

Two open traffic cases :

Jan. 1, 2018

Charges of Having a Fictitious Plate
Driving Without a License
Defective Headlights

Jan. 8, 2018

Charges of Having a Fictitious Plate
Driving Without a License
Driving with no insurance

One closed misdemeanor case:

Jan. 23, 2016

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia (Guilty Plea March 16, 2016)
Possession of 2 oz or less of Marijuana​​​​​​​

Thomas Villaneuva was walking in the area and was shot through the chest. He is undergoing treatment at a local hospital.

The CSPD Deadly Force Investigation Team (DFIT) is the lead agency conducting this investigation.

Detective Micah Flick’s and Manuel Zetina’s deaths represent the third and fourth homicides investigated by the Colorado Springs Police Department in 2018.

8 thoughts on “Illegal Alien Murdered Deputy Sheriff In Sanctuary City

  1. We need to see more of these scumbags dealt with in this manner with this ending. Illegal aliens need to know that there is a degree of probability that they will die . Maybe then we will see a reduction in their activities.

  2. Time to have Sanctuary Cities liable for any crimes commited by illegal aliens allow victims or their families to bring lawsuits against them and especialy the Mayors and City Councils

  3. Everybody knew this especially when even our own Colorado Springs news channels hid his ID for three days and then ABC 13 runs a piece on how great this scumbag was. First chance I get, I’ll leave this state and it’s protection of illegals before citizens.

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