Illegal Alien Strangled His Wife With A Belt In Front Of Their Child

BROOME COUNTY, NY (WICZ) – The Broome County Sheriff’s Office arrested Kevin Paiz-Figueroa this evening following a domestic dispute investigation. Deputies conducted the investigation into a physical dispute between Paiz-Figueroa and his wife.

Paiz-Figueroa became angry when his wife during an argument. Paiz-Figueroa kicked his wife and then grabbed her from behind in an attempt to choke her.

He used a belt to try and strangle her but was deterred when the wife fought back. The wife called 911 and Paiz-Figueroa drove away but was stopped by Deputies who were responding to the scene.

The couples infant child was in a nearby crib watching the dispute. During the investigation it was discovered that Paiz-Figueroa was not a citizen and is in the United States illegally. Border Patrol issued an immigration detainer to hold him for potential deportation proceedings.

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  1. funny the liberal media doesn’t report all these incidents concerning illegal aliens, they don’t want the public to know what type of people are being allowed to stay in our country without permission but allowed welfare, food stamps, housing free medical, anything they need to vote for democrats

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