Illegal Alien Says Robbery-Murder of Gay Lover Was ‘Instinct’

San Antonio, TX – On Dec. 16, State District Judge Sid Harle sentenced Ivan Aguilar, 36, to 30 years behind bars for strangling to death his male lover a year ago.

On Dec. 23, 2013, Aguilar met 42-year-old Vincent Diaz in a night club, and the two went back to a room Diaz had rented at the Candlewood Suites on South Laredo Street, where the two engaged in sexual activity, according to court documents.

Afterwards, Diaz reportedly told Aguilar that he was HIV positive.

Diaz met a gruesome end, as his body would be found a few hours later with hands bound, and strangulation marks around his neck.

Three weeks later, Aguilar was arrested and confessed to killing Diaz and then stealing several jewelry items from the room, which he subsequently sold to local pawn shops for $400.

The San Antonio News-Express reported:

“Aguilar said the victim had told him that he had infected him with a virus known as AIDS,” police documents state. “After he killed the victim, Aguilar said he stole various items of property from the victim, out of what he stated was ‘instinct.’”

Though here illegally, Aguilar has a lengthy arrest record for DUI and using stolen credit cards.

Diaz was a member of the AIDS Foundation and took part in many AIDS walks, according to his obituary.

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