Another Illegal Alien Raped A Child In Alabama

Another Illegal Alien Raped A Child In Alabama

BOAZ, AL (WAAY) – A Boaz man, who police say came into the country illegally, is now behind bars and charged with sexual abuse of a child after turning himself in.

Antonio Corince, 29 years-old, was transferred to the Etowah County Jail on a $50,000 bond. The Boaz Police Department tells WAAY31 the sexual abuse was originally reported in the beginning of August, and after conducting their investigation, Corince was arrested. The police department wanted to make sure they had all of the facts before releasing what happened. Boaz Chief of Police Josh Gaskin knows what happened to this child will stay with them forever.

“This is something that will haunt them the rest of their lives,” Gaskin said.

After the police department received a report of sexual abuse and began investigating, with the help of a translator, police said Corince came forward and gave a full confession, but this case is a bit more difficult.

“As far as his immigration status, we know that he is not in the United States legally,” Gaskin said.

Police do not know where Corince is from but he is an illegal immigrant now facing serious charges. Corince is in the Etowah County Jail and immigration officials have been contacted. What comes next for Corince is unclear. Chriseve Turner moved in next door to Corince just a month ago.

“[I] didn’t realize that we had any problems like this in the neighborhood, I was told I was living besides good people,” Turner said.

Gaskin says at this time there isn’t a decision on the deportation status of Corince and whether or not he will serve time in the country, but he wants to make sure he pays.

“First and foremost we want to make sure that he answers for the offenses that he committed while he was here,” Gaskin said.

The Boaz Police Department tells WAAY31 Corince should appear in court where his charges will be read to him within the next two days.

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